How To Buy A Used Car With Good Tires in Florida

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 , , 0 Comments

Last night I was thinking about some stuff and what came to my mind is tires and how when I went to get an oil change last week I found out that I had a nail in my tire and a bent rim. Not Fun!

Tires are a pain to fix and can get expensive if you don't shop around. Now I went online and shopped around and found Nexen tires. Rated the #3 tire you can put on a car.

But you know what I still got a nail in one of them. I would have been good going to and see what they could have done for me.

Oh and I got a warranty on the tires to, for two years, what a joke that is. So if you have a new or used car, please shop around for a nice tire to put on your car.

Hey, also if you need help finding a car to put new tires on, not that its a hobby, shop around for a new or used car too.

A good spot for a used car with low miles is Florida. I hear a lot of people that have had some great success with shopping in Florida for a used car

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