5 Carry ons For Summer Travel

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 , , , 0 Comments

Summer time means that you travel a lot. Maybe with your family. Here are some carry ideas to make your travel that much simpler. You can find most of these luggage's on Amazon.com.

  1. The budget carry on - you can get it on Amazon.com. Its called travelpro, it makes it easy for storage for a weekend flight.
  2. The smart carry on - Its called the bluesmart carry on it could be the future of carry on luggage. 
  3. Best dressed carry on - Its called Samsonite, it has a hang hook and extended panel for longer clothes.
  4. Rugged carry on - Its a hard shell, but is light and can move smoothly though the airport. Its called Delsey Luggage.
  5. Travlon carry on - Its small, but on wheels, and can fit under any seat. Its called the Travelon Wheeled Underseat carry on.
There is a little help for all you travels out there this summer. Hope it can save you a little time in the airport. 

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