Vitto From Finally Famous Wears LoveLifeSwagger

6254_113515664544_505729544_2086891_7665064_n-1.jpg Now this is a change of pace Vitto, Big Sean's best friend and personal assist is seen wearing some Love Life Swagger clothing. This kind of support in Detroit is awesome to see. You have to love what Big Sean and Love Life Swagger is doing in Detroit.

Its also nice to see that people that are famous haven't forgot where they came from and is able to support one of their own towns local clothing line. This is what Detroit needs more of and you can help support a Detroit clothing line to and sport your own Detroit Swag.

Big Sean is the biggest thing to come out of Detroit since Eminem and its great to see that Big Sean is in making it big with his Detroit Mix Tape. The Love Life Swagger t-shirts like the one in the picture is now becoming a hot item in the Detroit area and you should want to support your Detroit swag and this t-shirt is a great way to show it off

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